In Issue 9, Things Go to the Dogs


You’ve been reading our little comic book for the past eight issues, charmed by its gentle witticisms and tickled by its dainty bons mots. But you find yourself asking aloud in crowded areas where the question is sure to draw attention: When is this book gonna make me LAUGH UNTIL I PUKE? When is this comic going to give me a sequence so offensive in its comedy that I LOSE CONTROL OF ALL BODILY FUNCTIONS WHILE READING? When will I stumble upon a series of jokes so troublesome that I LASH OUT VIOLENTLY IN THIS CROWDED AREA?

We believe that issue #9 is the bromide for those ailments, friend! It’s all been leading up to this: the dog show and the funeral collide in one of Dan Clover’s little speeches, and when it’s all said and done, the whole country of Sardonia is baying for his blood. That must be one hell of a speech, huh? You’ll have to buy the issue to find out, but we will give you one clue: YES. Yes, it is a hell of a speech.

Issue #9 is available in finer comic stores now, until Human Rights groups come in and shut them down. Here’s the solicit!

pr9In this incredibly uncomfortable issue: Dan Clover delivers the worst speech ever given. Gary Crantz witnesses the greatest panel of all time. And, in the penultimate chapter of the “Ladies’ Night” backup tale, we make more references to Soft Cell than anyone since your weird uncle did whip-its and refused to stop playing “Tainted Love” the entire weekend at the lake house.

Issue 8 Out Today!

Bad Stuff

Has it really been a month since the last issue of Public Relations came out? We don’t know. We don’t have calendars, and if we did, we’d refuse to use them, because as we learned in the move I.Q. starring Tim Robbins as an auto mechanic who wants to impress Einstein’s niece played by Meg Ryan, and who is helped by Albert Einstein (played by Walter Matthau) to pretend that he is an intelligent, valuable person instead of just some gross auto mechanic so that said niece will fall for him because she’s smart but not smart enough to not be fooled by this ruse but then it was all a waste of time because Meg Ryan finds out that he’s an auto mechanic and falls for him anyway despite the fact that their entire relationship is based on a lie, time doesn’t exist.

pr_8_coverBut that’s beside the point. The point is that issue 8 of Public Relations is out today in comic shops everywhere (by which we mean comic shops somewhere). It continues the story started in issue 6 and continued in issue 7. So if you haven’t read those two issues, you’re going to be pretty lost and you shouldn’t buy this issue, unless you’re the kind of person who likes their stories to begin in media res, in which case, go nuts.

Make room in your heart for the sensational character finds of 2016! Debuting this issue: Rupert Hitch, royal mortician! “Statue” Tori, sculpting prodigy! Boris Thicke, a guy who hates Chip for some reason! The dog show and the funeral draw ever closer, and the Aphotics are on the scene to make everything heavy underground!

See you in the funny papers! Literally! We drew you in the comics and so we will see you in them. You are behind that one building.

Dave and Matt

Public Relations #7 — Ribbed For Your Pleasure!


Eisner nominations came out this week… and so did Public Relations #7! That seems like a pretty huge coincidence, if you ask us. Anyone looking for a causal connection would be hard-pressed to find it within the pages of our latest issue, in which the newest 4Leaf employee, Brett Ross, is “welcomed” to the team by the well-meaning but utterly inept Dan Clover. Meanwhile, things get uncomfortable around the banquet table as King hosts some visiting dignitaries, and Violet’s bark is no match for her Aunt Mimsy’s bite as they prepare for Sardonia’s first dog show.

pr7 coverAll of this is gorgeously illustrated by Steve Rolston (Ghost Projekt) and José Marzán, Jr. (Y The Last Man), wrapped in a beautiful cover by Annie Wu (Black Canary), and written by the writers of such comics as Public Relations #5 and Public Relations #2! All of these people are technically eligible for an Eisner nomination… and technical eligibility is the sexiest kind of eligibility!

Once Upon A Timesheet…



The very first volume of Public Relations has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. As of today, nobody is safe from its relentless onslaught of comedy.

aukermanWhat makes this volume so comedically puissant? Is it the magnificent art of David Hahn, so skillfully inked by Jose Marzan, Jr.? Absolutely! Is it the staggeringly beautiful and wry covers by Annie Wu that are on display in a gallery of covers? Of course! Is it the often-clever, race-to-the-bottom scripting of Dave and Matt? Partially! Is it the use of the word “puissant”? WE THINK YOU KNOW THAT IT IS

But what really makes this book sing is the introduction by Scott Aukerman, host of Comedy Bang! Bang! as well as Comedy Bang! Bang!, and also the producer of Between Two Ferns. It’s some introduction, and you don’t want to miss it. And it’s available only in this book!

Head on down to your local comic book store and pick up a copy today. If they don’t have a copy, burn that place down and go to the next one. Continue doing this until you have a copy of Public Relations, Volume 1: Once Upon A Timesheet… And then enjoy the ride!

And hey, what’s that book to the right of Public Relations? Why, it’s Matt’s new OGN, The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse, which was also released today! There’s too much going on to make sense of it all! Just go buy these books and then worry about sorting it out later!




Issue 6 Has Gone To The Dogs!


Issue #6 of Public Relations is out at long last, kicking off the brand-new story arc “Affirmative Action & Adventure,” in which we’re joined by artist Steve Rolston (Ghost Projekt, Emiko Superstar) for a very tasteful tale in which we tackle the topic of race relations with all the delicate sensitivity of a battering ram.

PR6cover_logoWe also tackle the topic of dog shows with all the delicate sensitivity of a battering ram that rams into dog shows. Plus, we begin a five-part backup story with art by Sam Lotfi and S. Steven Struble, focusing on the lovely ladies of Sardonia and what they get up to in their leisure time. This chapter: Threnody, Bianca, and all the hot cephalopod action you can hit with a battering ram!

It’s all colored by the incomparable Hi-Fi, lettered by the masterful Jared K. Fletcher, and wrapped in another gorgeous Annie Wu cover… all in service of a script that could generously be called “written!”


Have You Ever Been “Experienced”?


Rhett Cross, Knight of the Thirteen Unbroken, has three vitally important things to tell you:

  1. Issue 4 of Public Relations is out today at your local comics shop. Unless they didn’t order it, in which case you should move to a new town.
  2. Rhett’s favorite band, Peter Smurfy, has just released their debut EP for FREE. If you’re into Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Yaz, The Church, or Saturday morning cartoons, there’s a good chance you’ll dig it. If you’re the sort of person who insists on calling Yaz “Yazoo” even though you’re an American, then you will really dig this EP.
  3. Boobs.

Issue #1 Cover

Public Relations #4 features art by the kick-ass team of David Hahn and José Marzán, Jr., with gorgeous colors by Hi-Fi and masterful lettering from Jared K. Fletcher, and the sweet Annie Wu cover you see above. We’ve also snagged a spot illo from Steve Rolston, and a beautiful pull-out poster by Bitch Planet‘s Robert Wilson IV! Plus, it’s the penultimate issue of the first story arc… so if you like things that are penultimate, then this one’s for you! Here’s the scoop:

Nothing can prepare you for “The Rhett Cross Experience!” He’s Sardonia’s self-described bravest knight, stand-up comedian, and lover—willing, in all those capacities, to go places that others wouldn’t dare—and he’s girding his loins for a showdown against a monster who can’t be beaten off!

Issue 3 is out! That makes this November 4th, right?

oh_shitOkay, hold on. This issue didn’t come out two weeks late; you came to the comic book shop two weeks early. Yeah.

Here’s what it’s about:

issue_3In the aftermath of King Clover’s disastrous party: Dan and Threnody have a close shave in the bushes (not as sexy as it sounds). Someone’s nipples leak (approximately as sexy as it sounds). And Violet is in the middle of doing a thing (much sexier than it sounds).

Go buy it! If you can’t find it at your local shop, please ask them to order it. Also, we may have some good news about digital sales in the near future.

We’re at NYCC!

Come celebrate our relations publicly!

Here is Matt and Dave’s signing schedule at NYCC!

5 – 6:30 PM
Signing at Devil’s Due/1First Comics, Booth 1145
Featuring PUBLIC RELATIONS cover artist Annie Wu!

11AM – Noon
Signing at Jet City Booth 860

3 – 4 PM
Signing at Devil’s Due/1First Comics, Booth 1145

1 – 2 PM
Signing at Devil’s Due/1First Comics, Booth 1145

Hope to see you there!

Issue 2 Out Today


Has it really been a mere two weeks since Issue 1 of Public Relations was loosed upon the planet like a tornado of comedy? It has! And now Issue 2 is being loosed, like something else that’s loose. I don’t know. Your mom?

So head on down to your local comics shop and pick up a copy. And if they don’t have it, ask them to order it! It’s the least they can do for you, after all you’ve done for them.

And once you’ve read the issue (or even if you haven’t) head on over to and see if you’ve got what it takes to bring the thunder!

Happy reading!

Dave and Matt

Welcome To The Party!


If you’re joining us from having heard about us on Comedy Bang! Bang! then hello! You can read a preview of Public Relations #1 here. Then you can call your local comic shop and see if they’ve got it in stock. If they don’t have it, ask them why not? Make it awkward. Let them know they can still order it.

You can also order it from some online retailers, like this one.

Can you download it digitally? No. Because we are not allowed to participate in the future. We apologize.

Issue two comes out this week, with a quote on the cover from a very nice person, Scott Aukerman. Check it out on the Previews site, and you can read a PDF preview of #2.

If you just liked our plug bag theme, you can find it here.